About Us

1 Last Cast Lures was established in April of 2011, our mission is to provide top quality multiple species catching fishing tackle for your fishing needs. We manufacture some of the most unique tackle on the market that competitors don’t want to touch. We manufacture hand tied lures and flies, spinner and buzz baits, and soft plastic baits. From manufacturing those products we found in order to be able to bring on even more unique and unseen tackle we needed to find fly tying materials that would suit our needs, and we did just that. We have worked with numerous manufacturers to bring you our customer not just unique high quality lures and flies but also unique high quality fly tying materials. 

Our fly tying materials line is just like our lures and flies unique and rare but worth its weight in gold. As we developed tackle and we were working on getting new materials to the market. We found there wasn’t much in glow in the dark fly tying materials. Well we needed glow in the dark materials to develop glow in the dark flies to use during ice fishing season. We searched the globe in multiple industries to find the materials we needed, and we found them oh did we find them.

We have been leading in the development of GLOW IN THE DARK fly tying materials for over 6 years now. Since then, our growing fly tying materials and tackle lines have been expanding so much. That we soon realized we needed to start manufacturing our own glow in the dark dubbing line, we call it GIT DARK Dubbing. Our GIT DARK dubbing is currently available in 5 colors and we have developed over 10 glow colors now and are working towards launching the full line in 2020. Which will be in our fly tying catalog, which will be available soon as we are putting the final touches on it.

We look forward to hearing from you for all your fly tying materials, and fishing tackle needs. So check out our fishing tackle catalog and see what we can offer you in tackle for your next fishing trip. And always good luck fishing.