Collection: Crawler Harness

Our crawler harnesses or worm harnesses as we like to call them, puts fish on the line time and time again. We design our harnesses for both deep water fishing and or trolling to shallow weed bed fishing. With a large swivel for easy tying or clipping to your line, it allows for a faster changing when the bite is changing colors or style blades. Our size 2 sickle hook gives you the ability to have a stronger and more secure hook up. By the time the fish feels the hook it’s too late and its game on for you. We offer our crawler harnesses in two lengths, the traditional trolling and deep water drifting length of 36’”. While also having available an 18” length ideally for the shallow water casting and retrieving over weed beds whether on shore or in a boat. All our harnesses are made on 20lb fluorocarbon line. If you need a heavier pound test line simply email us what pound test and what style harness you want and we can make that up for you.