Collection: REEL SAFE Rod Holders

​REEL SAFE Rod Holders, were designed and created by a freshwater and saltwater angler that wanted to be able to take a break when the bite is slow on long canyon fishing trips, but also be able to keep the line in the water. After developing the Hull Boat model rod hold holder. We quickly got feedback from anglers wanting shorter style rod holders to work on their personal boats with their flush mount holders. So we developed two more models built to the same indestructible quality as our Head Boat Model. All of our REEL SAFE Rod Holders are made out of 1/8” thick aluminum tubing with a white powder coating for a clean long lasting finish. The rod holder has a 1-5/8” opening allowing for an easy smooth sliding of your rod handle into the holder. With a fully enclosed PVC sleeve so your rod doesn’t get damaged in the holder. The aluminum support rod is 1-1/2” outside diameter allowing an easy sliding fit in current and existing style rod holders.
lanyards in photos not included with purchase